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September Teal Season

September Teal season was incredible. Limits of teal in thirty minutes on every hunt gave room for red fishing after hunting. Clouds of teal on all leases gave non stop action shooting. Three guides, ten days, 600 teal with our groups of hunters this season. Red fish in the river gave plenty of time for red fishing. There were several occasions we fished right off the mud boats and air boats after hunting. Red fish on the edge of the duck blinds made easy fishing most days. Teal got thicker and plentiful even towards the end of the season. Big ducks like pintail are on the leases now with many duck coming down as the cool fronts come through. The vegetation is plentiful and the season is going to be phenomenal. 2015-16 Duck season is November 7-Dec.6, Dec. 19-January 17.

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