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Double Up Fishing Last Week in June

Double up fishing trips last weekend.
Red fish crushing the corks and bait early with Robert
Wolfe family and friends. What a beautiful pre
Father’s Day. Red fish ripping line out, lines crossing,
red fish splashing. This family worked together and
caught some serious bull reds. All 30lb plus with
trout in the mix.
Then at 2:30 back on the water again with Dr.
Rabalais friends and the boys to finish up another
awesome pre Father’s Day extravaganza. Big reds had
the boys holding on and dads tossing in trout on a
beautiful afternoon.
One pole was setting on the side the boat with the
cork floating next to the boat for one minute. A bull
red grabbed the line and in an instant it skated across
the water and was gone. What an incredible day with
incredible family’s in Venice Louisiana.

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Second Week in June with Cajun Unlimited

Second week in June. Had a wonderful time with Ed
and his wife from Wisconsin. Sharing the varieties of
fish stories from the North and South. Big game fresh
water in below freezing weather in Wisconsin to hot
80 degree Louisiana for the big salt water game. Ed’s
wife proved she can handle big red snapper and big
red fish.
And to finish up the day Ed took a ride with us to
catch live bait for the next upcoming trips.
What an experience fishing and catching live shrimp
and croakers with Cajun Unlimited.
Second week in June. We caught Red snapper limits, hundreds of
young red fish and bull red fish, mangrove snapper,
speckled trout, drum fish.
Venice Louisiana

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Tyler’s Group / Channon’s Group on Red Snapper, Red Fish, Trout

May 28 was a nice red fish and speckled trout mix.
Water was clear and the reds were smashing artificial
as well as live shrimp on a cork.
Rigs were slow today at producing trout but the red
fish always take up the slack.
May 29 was a red snapper and big red fish day with
Tyler Bullard and his crew from Texas. Booking trips
almost a year in advance has these guys pumped
when they enter the ring of red fish. Jesse put em on
the the big snapper which was ever more fun.
Had a great time with Channon and Tyler group two
days Venice Louisiana.

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Red Snapper / Red Fish with Dawn and Family

Beautiful day May 28.
Early morning crank up on nice 16-20 pound red
snapper. Poles bending down and holding on at the
break of dawn. Dawn was literally holding on as those
powerful red snapper pulled down.
South pass rock jetty produced red fish next to the
boat. Stripping line and pulling back throwing in red
fish in the boat. Next to the boat made easy fishing
for Dawn and the whole family. A trip booked with
family I never knew I was related to for years. They
had a great time. They never knew there could be so
much fish in one area. Venice Louisiana is an amazing
place to give an awesome fishing experience of a life


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Red fish and Trout on Windy, Rough Days

Been very busy fishing for past few weeks. Catching up on reports starting on a windy May 23. Rough conditions with very limited
places to fish.
Even in those conditions great trips with great
Speckled trout in cloudy rough water.
Red fish were by the hundreds behind the calm banks.
live bait.
A piece of dead bait for the smell, a live bait for the sight and it was love at first bite.

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Groups from Texas & Baton Rouge on Red fish, Speckled Trout, Flounder

Several groups fished with us this week.
First group from Baton Rouge for Capt Allen On Friday.
Wind was 15-20 SE, but we found nice calm waters behind cane reeds.
Red fish were on fire with trout in the mix.
Flounder and sheepshead for a little extra fun.
Red fish were stacked up against the reeds and all boats caught fish.
Saturday and Sunday group from Texas for Capt Shane.
Wind steady 15-20 SE, calm and nice water.
Fish bite wasn’t consistent, but still manageable.
Caught nice 20-30lb red fish, 40lb black drum, and a mix of young reds. Slow but sure for a great day of fishing.

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Timothy and Sons on a Venice Red Fish Adventure

Timothy bowlin and sons from Baton Rouge. Weather was beautiful on the water today. First stop big red fish were on. Tim first then the boys.
All nice young red fish with bull reds in the mix.
To top it off you can’t pass up those sheepshead and young drum fish. These are the best fish on the trip to fry.
What a great mix of fish everyday this week. What an adventure for a father and sons the day before Mothers Day. Fishing in Venice Louisiana with Cajun Unlimited.

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Red Fish in Windy Conditions

Winds were brisky 22 mph out of Venice, La this week. Had Mike Carter’s group all inclusive fishing, meals, and lodging. They had
A blast catching red fish.
All the fishing grounds we we usually fish on east side were rough and impossible to fish.
We fished most of the morning on increasing tide with no fish.
When the tide changed and started decreasing, it was on.
Bull red fish, all the young red fish you can handle, drum fish, sheepshead, flounder.
Trout are biting in certain areas hit and miss. Red fish is a sure shot with more at this time.
Many great fishing trips past two months non-stop.
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