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March, Boat Loads of Fish

Four days of boat loads of fish out of Venice, La. March madness, the fish are piled up and taking lines every stop all over the gulf.
Kevin and Mr George picked day one for reds and sheepshead and loaded up. 30lb bull reds, 8-10lb sheepshead, and nice black drum. Day two I put them on all the red snapper they could handle with mangroves and drum. 50lb power pro, you just can’t break it, neither can the fish.
Day three group from Maryland got their fill on the redfish, sheepshead, drumfish package. They couldn’t believe the amount and size of fish they were catching. They gave half of their fish filets away. Too much to fly back. Young redfish were loading up inland on a bobber as fast as you can toss your line. Cold river water have the fish piled up at the passes and rigs and on the edge of the reeds. Drum and sheepshead are biting furious in this month of spawning. You don’t want to miss this month.

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Winter Red Snapper & Redfish January End

Winter fishing with Cajun Unlimited. Red snapper piled up at the rigs and red fish piled up in the inland cuts.
Guy’s group from Florida and Oklahoma tossing redfish in the boat like giant sized perch fishing. Fast as you could toss a jig head in the water reds were taking lines. Wind was a stiff NW 25 knots, calm and out of the wind waterways made it nice for fishing.
Darrel Woods got the weather pattern just right for red snapper at the rigs and bull reds and drum on the way back inland.
This week George and friends from Oklahoma and Atlanta hit it right on big red snapper, red fish and black drum fish combos. Venice Louisiana has fish all four seasons. Our winter has been a mild average 65-70 degrees thus far.

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November Duck Season”Blast & Cast”

November was an incredible month to remember. Early opener and limits of grays and wigeons fast and cupping in the decoys. With cold fronts and duck hunting weather many more varieties of birds arrived. Red heads, pintail, canvasback, mallards and teal made awesome pictures of memories for our groups. Redfish, speckled trout and red snapper for a cast after a blast kept the day alive with activity. Young boys first duck hunts to adults bragging on their hits on the day. Early morning duck hunts to late evening fishing with great success. Only in Venice Louisiana does it get this good.

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September Teal Season

September Teal season was incredible. Limits of teal in thirty minutes on every hunt gave room for red fishing after hunting. Clouds of teal on all leases gave non stop action shooting. Three guides, ten days, 600 teal with our groups of hunters this season. Red fish in the river gave plenty of time for red fishing. There were several occasions we fished right off the mud boats and air boats after hunting. Red fish on the edge of the duck blinds made easy fishing most days. Teal got thicker and plentiful even towards the end of the season. Big ducks like pintail are on the leases now with many duck coming down as the cool fronts come through. The vegetation is plentiful and the season is going to be phenomenal. 2015-16 Duck season is November 7-Dec.6, Dec. 19-January 17.

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Sept-October Red Fish Fury!

Red fish on fire and furious bite first stop.
Ten chasing another as we reel them in. Incredible. Even the kids can cast, catch and reel em in. Easy, fast and fun. All size reds tossed on the boat. Tony and Maria family laughed, fought and tossed fish for an hour.
What an incredible trip for the family.
Break of dawn cloudy and cool.
Live croaker in the Mississippi River 30lb plus red fish stripping on the drop. Nonstop action tossing in Big Reds for blacken red fish and half shell grillings.
Then a stop by the beach in the Gulf of Mexico had schools of 20-24” young reds on fire. 5-6 reds chasing the one you reel in. Scott and the group on two boats laughing in unbelief of the best trip of red fishing ever.
Mangrove snapper and spanish mackerel trying to beat the reds to the bait.
Live shrimp and croakers had em furious for the lines.
Trout are showing up in the river as well.
Fish are furious in October.

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Speckled Trout/Redfish July End

Jared and charlie group from Slidell, Louisiana. Windy conditions put us in brackish waters catching bass with redfish. All nice slot redfish, sheepshead and trout mix.
Non stop action here and Capt Jack with David Rabalais slamming limits of big trout a few miles away.
What an incredible weekend.
Trout are on, tides and wind is right.

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Mid Week July Fishing

Mid week mid July windy or calm the fishing is incredible.
This weeks group of young men and lady’s showed up those big red fish.
Coming to Venice after catching trout the day before, they wanted big reds. And red fish it was, all they wanted.
Wearing them and the red fish out on a popping cork in the bays, along the cane reeds in Venice Louisiana.
No doubt this group knew how to fish.
Right tackle, right line and poles, and their experience, they tore em up.
Had a blast fishing with this group.

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Second Week in July “INCREDIBLE”

The Buck family from Michigan, the Huddleston’s
from Texas, Kelwin, Lenny from Texas, (Tyler Bullard’s
neck of the woods) and many customers with Capt
Jack with Cajun Unlimited. We had so much fun this
past week with everyone who fished with us. Speckled
trout, red fish, drum fish, red snapper, and many
more gulf fish are in and biting on every trip.
Some had their first fishing trip this past week. Others
got to experience the pictures on Facebook come
alive on the end of their line.
Every trip to me is like my first day fishing. We want
you to catch fish. We want you to relax and be exited
at the same time.
Catch fish, eat good food, share fishing stories with
us local family’s, settle in at the condo, get on the
boat down stairs, have your fish cleaned and
packaged at the condo. Never to forget the awesome
fishing trip you experienced in Venice Louisiana.

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What a 4th of July Week of Fishing

This week the fish have been showing their presence
more and more.
There is not a trip where the fish are not ridiculously
plentiful. So many varieties of fish, and the red fish
are never ending on every fishing journey here in
Trout bite has been slow with the high river.
That has began to change the past three days.
Limits of trout caught all over today.
Kevin Hayes and his daughter Emily and son Charlie
had a great adventure.
From catching red snapper and red fish, to trout and
releasing numbers of drum fish and sheepshead in
the mix.
Not to mention the catch and release of 30lb plus
reds they caught.
Their laughs on the way home made me laugh as I
purposely trimmed the bow down and caused waves
to splash their faces in the cool Mississippi river.
Until next summer when the return for their annual
fishing trip. They will still be talking about their
fishing and water ride with Cajun Unlimited.